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Today, after restarting at 12:00, the following changes will work(in order for them to take effect, you need to download the patch and the updater again):
1. A bug was fixed when, after compensation, people were given a rune again, after opening the previous one.
2. A trade zone has been set (on the screen where there are red squares, you cannot trade)

3. A patch of the classic was added (problems are possible, we will fix it as problems arise)
4. A transparent patch of the classic was added (problems are possible, we will fix them as problems arise) (Read the topic)
5. Geodata has been fixed in some places.
6. Added a new event for the chance of a drop and spoil from a mob and RB
7.Added contests: Best Guide Championship for players
8.Not a lot of fixes for the drop and spoil patch
9. A bug has been fixed when, when putting on a suit, the suit gave - 6 p def.
10. The function of painting the nickname in red has been removed in the personal account.
11. The assortment in the personal account for painting a nickname has been expanded.
12. The conditions for trading have been changed, now, to put a character on a trade, the following conditions must be met: the character must be level 20 or higher.
13. Now vars can be attacked without holding down the CTRL button.

14. A command has been added to disable and enable the experience .expon / .expoff
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